Hashalom marble tombstones is a business owned and operated by the Lagziel family, with 30 years of experience in marble and stones.

We specialize in the manufacturing of gravestones and monuments of all kinds with a good knowledge of most types of stones including marble and granite types.

Our customers can choose from a wide variety of monuments of marble and Granit stones such as Hebron, Halila, Atzmon, Turkish marble stone as well as pink, black granite and gray Granite Sarduo.

We can incorporate special elements such as bullets, drawings, pictures, planters for flowers and pure gold engraving. All special requests are honored.

All headstones are made in our factory with an emphasis on professionalism and accuracy the best raw materials and meeting. In acorns and meet all deadlines.

We are the only company where all headstones are inspected by a building engineer and are also tested for the strength and durability for many years.

We have special techniques for stone (bronze castings, sanding using techniques for accuracy, embedding images and artistic sculptures in stone) with special creative solutions for transport ting the stones. we do work all over the country.

The marble, we import and process independently so we can give you the best prices on the market!


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